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Teeth Whitening Trends: Do They Work?

Yellow banana peel

Every market has its trends and the dental industry is no different than the likes of the fashion and entertainment businesses. One of the oral health crazes that have gained popularity is teeth whitening. There are so many products and DIY hacks out there for you to whiten your teeth on your own, but do they work?

Charcoal Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste has been around for a while and has taken a different route with the introduction of charcoal toothpaste. It contains activated charcoal that’s supposed to detox bacteria, prevent cavities, improve your breath, and more.

Although it does make your breath smell better and removes stains on your teeth, this can be achieved with any other toothpaste. It can also erode enamel and some have ingredients that can be bad for your health. Ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate and artificial sweeteners make the toothpaste not all-natural. It’s also not recommended to use it every day, 2-3 times a week is enough.

Charcoal toothpaste can work to whiten teeth but doesn’t contain fluoride, which can lead to tooth decay if you replace your current toothpaste with this one.

Fruit Peeling

Rubbing fruit peels on your teeth has become a trend to help whiten them at home without the use of any professional products. There’s no scientific evidence that states whether this trend works or not, but many personal blogs claim it’s a successful trick.

However, you have to be careful with which type of fruit peels you use on your teeth. Bananas are the only fruit that the American Dental Association hasn’t released anything about, in terms of using it to whiten your teeth. They have warned against other fruits like orange and lemons because the high acidity will most likely harm your teeth instead of helping them.

Oil Pulling

Holding oil in your mouth is a trend that supposedly used to whiten teeth and kill harmful bacteria that build up. There are two methods for oil pulling, according to CNN: kavala and gandusa. The kavala method is where you fill your mouth with oil and hold it still for a couple of minutes before swirling it around and spiting it out. However, the gandusa method is completely holding the oil in your mouth for three to five minutes then spitting it out.

Some say the benefits include reduced plaque, cavity prevention, and stronger gums for those with an already healthy mouth. However, there’s no evidence that oil pulling helps whiten teeth.

Even though these trends seem fun and inexpensive for whitening your teeth, it’s best to stick with the professionals. Aesthetic Family Dentistry has a variety of teeth whitening products so you can find one that works for you.

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