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A Better Anesthetic Experience: The STA Wand

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At Aesthetic Family Dentistry, you can be assured that you’ll receive treatment with the best technology available. The STA Wand is one example—a less painful and less intimidating alternative to traditional syringe injections of anesthesia, which is only administered by Dr. Nicholas Katchen at Aesthetic Family Dentistry.

Who’s afraid of needles?

Anxiety towards dental procedures is common. It is estimated that nearly half of Americans experience some anxiety associated with the dentist’s office. Even worse, 30 to 40 million Americans dodge trips to the dentist’s office due to fear. Nearly 25% of all dental appointments are canceled because of this phobia. A major reason for this problem is a widespread fear of needles. Needle is associated with pain and even adverse complications.

Unfortunately, needles are unavoidable; anesthetics are important for many dental procedures, like extractions. But when a patient avoids seeing his or her dentist for a small problem, issues could become more complicated. An overdue trip to the dentist will likely be lengthier and more extensive. The dental phobia is only perpetuated in these cases.

What is the STA Wand and how does it help?

Single tooth anesthesia (STA) is a precise injection technique that improves both the delivery of medication and a patient’s comfort levels. The Wand is a computer-assisted device that gives a high volume of anesthetic under minimal pressure. It helps dentists find the optimal injection site and creates a constant flow of anesthetic.

The Wand’s technology allows for virtually painless single tooth administration of anesthetic. Its computer system gives accurate information to the clinician on optimal needle position and the correct place for an injection. Additionally, The Wand handpiece is much more maneuverable than a traditional syringe. It is lightweight and can be modified to improve access to tough to reach areas in the mouth. The handpiece also does not look like a syringe which could help reduce anxiety among those with a fear of needles.

Most times, the pain that comes from an injection is not from the piercing of the gums, but because the anesthetic was fired in too quickly. The purpose of the wand is to eliminate “human error.”

Minimizing pain will make any use of anesthetic proceed more smoothly and induce less stress. Root canals and wisdom tooth extractions are already unpleasant, so why make it worse? You also would not have to worry about the side effects, like unintended numbness in the cheek, tongue, or lips. There’s no more difficulty talking or eating after a visit to the dentist.

Overall the STA Wand is another reason to choose Aesthetic Family Dentistry for your dental health. Come in for appointments knowing that you will have the best possible anesthetic experience.

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